goals + aspirations.

My lovely friend Brie, over at Bloxygen, in honor of her 100th post decided to make a list of the 100 things she wants to do over the next 5 years.. and well, I was inspired. So, I have compiled a list of 100 things we want to do in five years.  Some are big, some are small, but we wanted to focus on our goals and things to look forward to over the up + coming years.

So, here we go. Are you ready?

1. Take dancing classes with the man.

2. Get actively involved in a yoga class.

3. Take a couples yoga class with the man.

4. Complete my RN + APRN degree’s.

5. Be on a medical response team to a disaster.

6. Start a business (S – web design + photography; K – cafe allegri).

7. Actually go to a Utah (K’s ALMA MATER!) Ute’s football game.

8. Hike to the U. (completed 17March2010)

9. Climb a multi-pitch.

10. See the war in Uganda end, and be part of it.

11. Take an out of state trip with our friends. (March 2010 – Las Vegas)

12. Take a random road trip.

13. Get S-man his passport!

14. Get (another) stamp in the passports.

15. Hike to the top of a Mt. just to watch the sunrise.

16. Go swimming in the hot springs.

17. Go to a U2 concert.

18. Go cliff diving.

19. Go backpacking in Escalante.

20. Go backpacking in the Mts.

21. Go snowboarding more than once a season.

22. Go a week with NO pre-planning.

23. Go night canoe/kayaking.

24. Learn to write left handed.

25. Learn American Sign Language.

26. Learn Spanish (K).

27. Learn Russian.

28. See the aurora borealis.

29. Learn how to scuba dive.

30. Go white water rafting.

31. Take a time off and go work at a archaeological dig.

32. Pay off all my debts + loans.

33. Have a baby.

34. To feel as inconceivably + irrevocably in love with another human soul as we are with each other.

35. Be able not work full time while our kids are pre-preschool age.

36. To go an entire week without wearing make-up.

37. To go an entire week without asking the man if I am fat.

38. Visit an active volcano.

39. Go camping + live off of the land.

40. Pay for the person in line behind me.

41. Buy a pair of designer rx eye glasses (S).

42. Spend Christmas on a tropical island.

43. Ride in a hot air balloon.

44. Learn to drive a stick shift (K).

45. Get my legs waxed (K).

46. Reread the Twilight series (K).

47. Reread the Lord of The Rings series (K).

48. Fill a journal with inspiring quotes, lyrics, images.

49. Visit Israel.

50. Go a day without using sight or speech.

51. Read 4 new books in a month.

52. Read 30 books in a year.

53. Read the entire Gray’s Anatomy Dictionary/Encyclopedia.

54. Ride an elephant.

55. See the Mayan/Inca ruins.

56. Drink wine that is older then 1987.

57. Go bungie jumping.

58. Take ridiculous, professional glamor shots.

59. Learn to knit.

60. Learn to use a sewing machine.

61. House train puppies.

62. Cook a gourmet meal.

63. Be in another filmed production.

64. Make a cake from scratch (K).

65. Learn to surf.

66. Have a new family portrait taken (including all the in-laws).

67. Plant (+ not kill) + grow our own vegetables.

68. Actually learn to play guitar (K).

69. Relearn to play the piano (S+K).

70. Get Real Salt Lake season passes.

71. Break addiction to caffeine.

72. Be present at a birth.

73. Spend a whole day on a photo date expedition.

74. Go skydiving.

75. Go camping at Lake Tahoe.

76. Go to a Ballet West production.

77. Go to another Broadway production.

78. Spend a whole weekend engaging in personal reading.

79. Donate more than just money to charity.

80. Take another cruise.

81. Visit our sponsor child in Swaziland.

82. Visit our sponsor child in Thailand.

83. Take a mud bath at a spa.

84. Do something unique for our 25th birthdays.

85. Ride in a horse drawn carriage.

86. Go 2 weeks without using media (TV, movies, video games).

87. Learn about other religions other than our own.

88. Eat healthier… and enjoy it.

89. Plant trees on Arbor Day.

90. Spend an entire day working with a local charity.

91. Participate in a protest for something that really matters to us.

92. Visit the unknown treasures of our state.

93. Climb a Mt. higher than 500ft.

94. Go an entire day without technology.

95. De-clutter our lives.

96. Take a last minute weekend vacation.

97. Spend an entire day at the spa.

98. Go to a midnight movie premier.

99. Go horseback riding.

100. Go hiking in the rain.

101. Take an extended fast from social networking sites.

102. Redesign Kate’s blog.