alarm vs. me.

Let me start with this. I crave sleep. Probably more than is normal or even healthy for the average twentysomething.

Anyone that has known me for more than say, a week, could easily know/observe that I have a sever love-hate; or maybe even just hate-hate relationship with my alarm clock. Every morning it is the re-occurring battle between me + it’s blasted beep.beepity.beeping. The worst part is, somehow I am able to turn off (note, not sleep through) my alarms (yes, multiple) each morning, without it registering in my mind that it went off. So much so that I have to keep changing the sounds of my alarm clock every few weeks so my body doesn’t become too accustomed to it. I have even placed my iHome completely across my room, and somehow I am still pathetic enough to crawl back into my bed each morning after it beckons me out of my warm seclusion + hibernation. Some say the nuclear holocaust could occur, and after a quick scan of my area (from the vantage point of my pillow, of course), I could just as easily drift back to sleep as though it was a normal day.

See, my body seriously wishes that it was capable of being able to run for 20hours, then sleep for 10hours + then to it all over again -or maybe it was the other way around…  too bad the world doesn’t happen to live on a schedule like that.  So, I thrive for my Mondays + Fridays, in which-for most weeks, I am not scheduled to work until two pm. These days are what I like to refer to as “no alarm days”, days that I allow myself to just snooze all morning without those dreaded beeps. Don’t even get me started on my desire/need for midday naps… However, many nay-sayers state that these days just create my spin down of sleep deprivation further down the rabbit whole.

But well, I disagree. It’s just the alarm vs. me.