Feb 17 2010

lent. giving up, giving up.

Today marks the first day of lent, I have had many of people ask what I would be “giving up” this year. Now, I have thought long and hard about what I potentially could remove from my diet/life for the next 40 days. And well, I am kinda coming up empty handed on items that I can rationally relinquish without being scolded by E + W…

So this year, instead of giving up items like meat or sugar, I am giving up, giving up. There have been days over the past few weeks when I have just sat around and let my mind wander with a case of the “f*** its”. Days, when all of the progress I have made in my grumblegrumble weight gain… feels like just another sign of my weakness and bad relationship with food. Ugh. To be honest, I really any not enjoying that extra x lbs… I should however. So, people, my lovely amazing beautiful support group; catch me and hold me accountable, because for the next 40 days – I commit to not give up on recovery{or life}, because, really its a dern struggle

Feb 17 2010

happy love weekend.

Yea, yea, its like, Wednesday. I know, I am a few days behind. I hope you all had a rockin’ Valentines + President’s day weekend! It’s a two in one special! As Hayley Williams from Paramore put it best into words:

“Happy <3 hearts <3 day everyone! Make out with someone you like alot!”

I hope you all had a great make out buddy on this incredibly tacky + overpriced “holiday”! Blah. S-man + I haven’t celebrated this date much, really, ever… mostly as our anniversary is 3 weeks prior and we usually shell out the big bucks and splurge at the ever so yummy, Melting Pot. Seriously my fave restaurant, on the planet… Ironic for an anorexic to adore a place that boasts each 4 course meal with a berage of food, I know. But man, its the best food you will ever taste. Secondly, we rarely celebrate this fabricated greeting card holiday sponsored by Hallmark, because Kate usually gets roped into working so every other little lovebird can go make babies. Tis’ true, 80% of people I know that go off on little vaca’s for this “holiday” come back with their eggers le preggers.

This weekend however, we did have some fun, when Kate wasn’t working. Surprise, surprise, it was mostly playing around with photography toys! Julie Harman captured these awesome shots this weekend at a PhotoWalking Utah event that S-man + I helped with. She is absolutely stunning. I <3 her work!

Feb 14 2010

from my valentine.

Even though my valentine is + forever will be Sawyer. This is the best valentine crack up. ever.

Feb 14 2010

olympic (twitter’d) update.

@nbcolympics BREAKING RESULTS: Let the celebration begin! Canada wins its first Olympic gold on home soil. Alexandre Bilodeau wins the men’s moguls. Bryon Wilson of the USA takes bronze. http://nbco.ly/aWm0Tz

@breakingnews U.S. wins first-ever Nordic combined medal with Spillane’s surprising silver http://bit.ly/a3cho4

@uutah Congratulations to U of U alumnus Shannon Bahrke who won the bronze in Woman’s Moguls in Vancouver! http://bit.ly/bQAFk8

@ESPN American Lindsey Vonn (bruised shin) completes slalom training session

@chadhedrick Tough day today but I’m not done just yet! 1000m on Feb 17 followed by the 1500m on Feb 20. Thanks for all the support! Stay proud Team USA is coming back!!!!!!

@olympiccountdown Interactive Map of Vancouver Olympic Village. Very cool. http://ow.ly/164kI

@cnn Changes coming to Olympic luge track after fatal crash. http://bit.ly/cGgnB2

@breakingnews US’s Ohno, Celski take silver, bronze in 1,500m short-track skating final; more results http://bit.ly/bcWUSt

@breakingnews What else can go wrong? Torch ceremony at Winter Games hit with glitch as pillars rise from floor of stadium http://bit.ly/bZpTi6

@kslcom Make it six: Ohno ties Blair for most US medals http://bit.ly/bmfdfh

@breaking news More than 200 masked Olympic protesters splatter red paint &smash windows of store in Vancouver

@apoloohno I wake up feeling that the impossible means nothing-there is no limit, have no fears, & of course: reach for the unreachable.

@apoloohno Congrat to Lee-Jung Su for winning the 1500m today–big congrats to JR for grabbing the Bronze! Wow Koreans are strong as always.

@nbcolympics Since the first Winter Olympics, only six US flag bearers have won a medal at the Games they carried the flag in…Good luck Mark Grimmette

Feb 14 2010

idea collecting.

Wow, its been awhile since we have updated you all on our process towards our wedding! Sorry for the lack of updates, I promise to be much better with that in the upcoming months! Ok, so where we are at in the planning stage is that we know what date we want, woo hoo! Huge success! We are planning on April 16th 2011. Forever out, I know. But we have 9million things that need to get sorted before then, so it is good, very good. This gives us {aka Kate} time to go completely OCD over every little detail.

This past week one of our friends passed on the link to this absolutely beautiful wedding, on a budget too! However, It was an outdoor wedding, we sure have a lot of ideas that we love from it! Now, I am not that traditional of a person, and I really really don’t like the black suits, maybe I am just weird. I’ll take that, but take a look at this idea.

S-man + I really love the idea of the brown + tans for the males + this color(ish) green for the ladies, however, I really like the idea of all the girls in different styles of dresses…

Thoughts, comments, ideas?