I’M BACK! And kicking? Maybe.  Wow, that was like, the longest week of my entire life. An amazingly awesome one though. I have survived the 5 -10 hour class days, with little damage to my gluteus maximus, at some points during my stints in class it felt like I was developing pressure ulcers… Maybe these movies they show in class, just make me paranoid. I constantly had to get up and move so my whole body didn’t fall asleep…

My mind is pretty happy with myself for pulling the trigger + deciding to go to the class. As now I am 50hrs closer to becoming a CNA (certified nursing aide) as well as another step closer to becoming an RN, then APRN. (: This class was absolutely awesome, great teachers + staff, and for the most part pretty awesome students too. Well… for the most part awesome students… besides the creepy man with a crack pinky, who has about the same likely-hood of passing a tox screen, as I do in becoming a world renowned actress; the girl who was offended by me drinking coffee next to her, and the little lady that I am quite sure breached HIPAA nearly every time she opened her mouth. I am sure they will all great in their respective fields… or not

I have soooooooo much, seriously, soooooooooooo much to absorb over the next 12 days for my exam. I a bit nervous. Not really for the written exam, I have always been good at exams -studying has just been one of those easy things for me when I am really into the subject matter. No, the practical… that’s a different story. I am scared out of my little mind for it. Yes, I am competent to do all of the vital signs, but I am afraid that I will get so nervous and start counting the ticks of the clock instead of the Pulse or not be able to hear the B/P… Maybe my mind is just running to the worst case scenarios, but I am freaking out for them!