Feb 27 2010


I’M BACK! And kicking? Maybe.  Wow, that was like, the longest week of my entire life. An amazingly awesome one though. I have survived the 5 -10 hour class days, with little damage to my gluteus maximus, at some points during my stints in class it felt like I was developing pressure ulcers… Maybe these movies they show in class, just make me paranoid. I constantly had to get up and move so my whole body didn’t fall asleep…

My mind is pretty happy with myself for pulling the trigger + deciding to go to the class. As now I am 50hrs closer to becoming a CNA (certified nursing aide) as well as another step closer to becoming an RN, then APRN. (: This class was absolutely awesome, great teachers + staff, and for the most part pretty awesome students too. Well… for the most part awesome students… besides the creepy man with a crack pinky, who has about the same likely-hood of passing a tox screen, as I do in becoming a world renowned actress; the girl who was offended by me drinking coffee next to her, and the little lady that I am quite sure breached HIPAA nearly every time she opened her mouth. I am sure they will all great in their respective fields… or not

I have soooooooo much, seriously, soooooooooooo much to absorb over the next 12 days for my exam. I a bit nervous. Not really for the written exam, I have always been good at exams -studying has just been one of those easy things for me when I am really into the subject matter. No, the practical… that’s a different story. I am scared out of my little mind for it. Yes, I am competent to do all of the vital signs, but I am afraid that I will get so nervous and start counting the ticks of the clock instead of the Pulse or not be able to hear the B/P… Maybe my mind is just running to the worst case scenarios, but I am freaking out for them!

Feb 21 2010

back to school.

Back to school. Back to school, to prove to Dad that I’m not a fool. I got my lunch packed up, my boots tied tight, I hope I don’t get in a fight. Ohhhh, back to school.

I have been done with college for what, 2.5 months now, and well… I am getting a bit stir crazy. I have known for quite some time that I was going to go back to school eventually, but never did I think I’d pull the trigger this soon. Not that I am regretting this decision. No, I am totally stoked! I just always had these theoretical plans that I’d go back in a few years, get my RN, wait a few years, have a kid (or two), then complete my masters in Psychiatric Nursing. Well, I have learned as of late, that having a C.N.A. + experience outside of classes as one, is going to be a requirement to get into RN programs in Utah in the upcoming months. So really, I thought, since I am bored out of my mind with only one degree, I might as well reach for another certification, so I am. On Monday, yep tomorrow! I will be starting a week long 8am-6pm, 10 hour intensive CNA training course (plus clinical rotations). I am sooooooo stoked. So, if (cause I probably will be) I’am M.I.A., that’s why.

<3 kate.

Feb 20 2010

children. the best form of birth control.

Now, I love kids. I LOVE kids. I would seriously nanny full time if I could get away with it financially. kids.are.great. Especially toddlers – except trying to work with ones that are working on potty training – that’s a task, I am scared out of my wits for. Going to the park with them may be crazy, but teaching them to pump their legs when swinging, racing them on their scooters + trikes, or splashing in the kiddy pools relieves so many great memories of childhood. Babies are such a gift, I could sit and hold them, or rock them for hours on end. Being an active part of a kids life is so rewarding. Felling like you have taken part into mold them who they will be, is one of the greatest feelings ever – well besides holding a sleeping baby.

Am I baby crazy? Yes. Do I want my own right now? No. A friend + I were chatting yesterday about kids + our dreams.  And how we both want to take a few years + just be married, before throwing a time sucking, sleep depriving, vomiting, little angel into the mix. I am such a horrible person for making fun of those that get married + knocked up early on – but deep down I fell that karma might bite me in the arse (again) and I will totally fall out of that same boat. However, I really hope not.

Kids are so fun, I love working with + around them practically every day. Its great, you play, you help teach them about life, you wipe their tears, calm their fears about not getting their PB+J sandwich if x.y.z. happens – and then, you give them back to their parents, go home + ponder about life if you had your own. And man, imagination can go wild. My mother always joked about how karma would get me + my kids will be just as crazy, outgoing + and accident prone child as I was. *massive prayers that my kids will be a 9 yr old painting prodigy, or some other amazingly talented person, like their father*

Kids are amazing. They are so carefree + loving. The problem, they are incredibly observant + learn quickly. Which is why, some kids are a walking, nay screaming, advertisement for why some people should abstain from ever procreating entirely. Think of how the world would be if people had to pass a parenting exam to be allowed to procreate. This world would have a lot less problems. I mean, you have to pass a background check, a UA, + sometimes a psych eval to get a job – that you get paid to do. Why can’t they instigate something of such to be able to embark on the journey of parenthood? Just think: Dumpster dumping? Never. Abuse? Gone. Drug addicted infants? Unheard of. Abortion? Wouldn’t need it. It’s such a huge responsibility that sooooooo many people don’t even think about when they get wrapped up in all the passion/craziness of the moment.

No matter how cute, innocent, + adorable a child may be, they will have a temper. And by temper I mean uncontrollable, inconsolable rage. Now that is just not cute. I was thinking the other night while I was killing myself by working a graveyard shift about the, bad apples of children, you know, those ones that will never stop moving for 12 seconds, or purposely destroy things… yep those ones, the ones that make you want to rip your hair out. I had a few examples come to mind… (names have been removed for confidentiality) Little man at 18months + waking up at 4am and adamant that you’re not going back to sleep – really isn’t cute anymore. Girls, your the cutest kids ever, but if either of you touch another plastic bag when your sister is in the room I am calling DCFS. Three, dang, you can be the cutest little kids sometimes, but throwing toys repeatedly at an non-mobile infant is not acceptable. 2.5, I <3 you to death, but “dinosauuuuuuur train” is not the only thing to live for. As a your 2yr old, cute as a button, but screaming the F-bomb is not a way to get what you want… nor is biting…

Well, nap time is over. I better get back to the terrors… I mean angels. (:

Feb 20 2010


So, this week in my sesh’s, we talked about some triggers that have came up recently. The biggest of late is totally the lady Olympians. Life would be SOOO easier if they didn’t have to show to the world that this little skier or skater is x ft tall + weights x lbs. Blah. I know I am not the only one that feels this way. I can’t be. I know the whole, “you have different body type”,”don’t compare yourself to others, you don’t know what they have/are going through”,  “of course so-and-so-skater-chick has ED, look you can see her bones!” or here’s the best one “they are trained athletes, on strict diets”. Blah blah blah. But seriously, who’s little mind isn’t racking the numbers and trying to calculate their BMI’s at rate, I dunno; your self worth; on the comparison?

Then of course the McDonald’s commercials are sooooooo lamely retarded and inaccurate. I don’t know a single competing athlete that would even eat their salads – yet alone a Big Mac or Chicken McNuggets. Oh, please. My mind just wants to scream every time I see these commercials.

One of the blogs that I follow ED BITES by the ever so fabulous Carrie Arnold, wrote this post the other day (why I didn’t watch the opening ceremonies), and well – it really hits the nail with the hammer. Dead on.

So, I came to the conclusion, that since I kinda have tossed my self into a crummy place, and my mind keeps reverting back into the little corners of an ED-lifer – I am not going to watch any female athlete sport that posts their weight (especially when height it given too…) until my mind is “fixed”.

P.S. the US teams have scored us 20 medals thus far! Rockin! And I got this update from Chad Hedrick‘s wife Lynsey:

*SO* many special memories being made here in VanCity!!! To recap: Hadley said “dada” and started walking in the Pampers lounge, Chad won a bronze medal in the 1000 meter AND my baby brother is getting married!!!!

Woot! I am super bummed that they are moving to Texas after the Olympics are over. Hadley was my fave baby!

Feb 19 2010

thanks mom.

P+G kicks off this years Olympics with its “Thanks Mom!” campaign, out off all of them, this one sure is my fave – “because to you, their always your little kid.”