under the radar.

For over a year, Chad Hedrick, the adorned USA Olympic Speedskater has attended Capital Church and this weekend was his last Sunday before heading to Vancouver for the 2010 Winter Olympics. Little did I know, for the past 6 months I have been caring for his beautiful daughter, Hadley. This weekend our church did a little send off for him, not only did he grace us with picture taking opportunities + the chance to hold his gold metal, he shared his testimony.

Chad stated in his testimony about how he changed not only since the 2006 Olympics in Turin, but within the past year. Chad found the love of his life Lynsey Adams and married her 2008, in March of 2009 they welcomed an adorable daughter into their world, this December they announced that they are expecting the next addition to the Olympian family. Good thing Chad’s main sponsor is Pampers + they will have a life time supply of diapers! To read the post that the tribune wrote about him click here.

Once he’s done with the Olympics, he’ll be moving back to Texas with his family. It was a pleasure to meet Chad and I wish him all the best in Vancouver! To follow his journey in Vancouver check out his blog at chadhedrick.com!