i have a dream.

Happy MLK day all! I hope you all take the time to honor our literary + revolutionary geniuses that have graced our millennia. I know many who take this day as an other, as a free paid holiday to frolic in the snow + get mad that the banks aren’t open. But today, is a day that shall hopefully be continued to be honored as a day that a man spoke out against injustice, and that we will continue to speak out until all men, women, children (yes pets too) are treated with the great care, love + respect that they deserve. We have come so far from where Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. stood on that August 28 day of 1963. We as Americans, as people, as children of God, as a global community have continued to raise our awareness of injustice, of cruelty, of discrimination, of poverty – and we have done what we can to eradicateĀ it, however, it is happening, still everyday, on the streets in every nation, its around our corners + somehow we have become blind to it. We need to stand up, we need to face this head on because, its now or never – its 2011 – 43 years after this amazing man stood up to the crowds of opposition and we have not done him the justice that he deserved. His speech may be “outdated” to the modern world, littered with 1960’s lingo, but it still rings true today. Please, re-read it, please, I promise it will inspire you to make a change. To be a change.

If I am not at home accepting the things I cannot change, I am out changing the things I cannot accept.