devotion and faith at its core.

A few days ago, I stumbled upon a blog of a family who’s once joys of pregnancy have turned to a tumultuous terror filled emotional journey. Shey + Sean were so excited when Shey found out she was pregnant, according to her husband – “When we found out we were having a baby we became so excited.  My wife told half the world before she even told me!  Then she told me that we weren’t going to tell people, which really did not stop me from being the most excited dad in the world.” It wasn’t long after that their hopes were shattered. “After we were done with the ultrasound the nurse asked us if we would wait in the waiting room while she showed the pictures to the doctor.  We knew what that meant and we began waiting to find out what was wrong.  The doctor came out and we began talking with him as he told us that our fairy tale  would not play out the way we imagined.” Shey + Sean learned that their daughter had a lethal diagnosis – Triploidy – and that they would be lucky if the fetus survived to birth. Many people told them that not continuing with the pregnancy would be for the best, however they chose to act on faith and continue throughout as long as the Lord would grace them with her presence – “we are not going to intervene in this pregnancy, regardless of the diagnosis.  The reason that we chose to do this was mostly for knowledge.  There are certain chromosomal abnormalities that are completely incompatible with life (Trisomy 18 & 13, just to name a couple).  If we know before she is born that she has such a condition, we will be able to just hold her and be with her in the moments after her birth, as opposed to the doctors whisking her away and trying to work on her to keep her alive.”

Through reading the blog posts of their journey throughout this emotional whirlwind, I have felt the fear and have only imagined the questions of faith that they have encountered. In one of post’s Shey commented about a organization called String of Pearls, this site is an online organization that offers support to women who are carrying to term despite a fatal prenatal diagnosis.This is definitely a site that is going into my organizations to follow, the creation of this site fields as a support community for families with fatal prenatal diagnosis’ that will result in the death of their baby prior to, or shortly after birth.

The thing that scares me the most about this store is that Shey struggled for years with Anorexia. A demon that keeps poking it burly little head into my life. Having a mother who has worked as a neonatal intensive care nurse for much of my life – it {and she} has scared me into recovery. {disclaimer: this is not the only reason I am seeking change}.

Shey had this song posted on her blog recently and it brought me to tears, I Will Carry You by Selah.

Follow Shey, Sean + Whitney’s Journey here.