with thanks.

Its Thanksgiving 2009 peeps! Wow, this year has flown by incredibly fast hasn’t it? Its that time again for tryptophan to flood the bodies of our loved ones and gain a pound or two within a few hour eating course – preferably on pie alone.

As you have probably seen in prior posts, I am not a fan of thanksgiving. Not saying I am not thankful for the 9 million awesome people in my life, my stellar family, rocking bod, handsome man & gracious God. I am not a grinch or something creepy & evil like that, nor do I have a hate for all things jolly & bright – so hear me out ok?! There is just something about this holiday that sends me off my rocker. No, its not coordinating meal plans & who is at who’s house when – although that part is particularly pesky nuance of this season. Nor is it the semblance of family togetherness as we all are tightly packed around the dinning room table. Perhaps it is my abhorrent distaste for smell of turkey that sends me looming into the possibility of becoming a vegan. Of course this holiday would be much easier if I was someone a bit less mental. But yet, here I sit, preparing for this ever so dreaded holiday, forcing my number counting OCD, that has threatened to kill me time-and-time-again; into its little box at the back of my mind – praying ever so fervently that it stays reclused for the remainder of the holiday season rest of my life {a girl can wish, right?}.

“Just like Jon Stewart I’m going to celebrate thanksgiving the traditional American way, I’m going to invite all my neighbors over, kill them and take their land. And afterward I’m going to pretend like nothing happened and there is no such thing as white privilege.”