new moon.

Part 2 of 4 of the Twilight saga.

New Moon by Stephenie Meyer

Circa – 2006

Synopsis: This novel begins where Twilight left off – with Bella & Edward in love, and just starting their Senior year at Forks High School. Bella’s 18th birthday party is thrown by Edwards eccentric-shopaholic “sister” Alice {who incidentally can “see” the future}, despite her urgings to not have her birthday recognized. As it turns out, Bella’s urgings should have been followed, as Bella receives a cut causing the whole family – besides Edward & his “father” {Dr. Carlisle Cullen} to be triggered by the scent of her flowing blood. This event leaves their family in disarray fearing the protection of Bella & the treaty {”bite no humans”}. Edward, despite is love for Bella, tells her that he {and his family} are leaving, and that she will never see him again.

Bella is left distraught, heartbroken, empty – in a catatonic depressive cycle. Bella’s father – Charlie, in an attempt to break her from the cycle forces her to return to a normal life & urges her to go out with her school friends. In accordance with her fathers wishes demands, she returns to the town of Port Angeles to see a movie, Bella’s adventurous side takes her for a ride on a strangers motorbike, in which she hears dearest Edward’s voice, begging her not to be reckless. Bella takes this as a challenge, remembering/hearing his voice began to bring Bella back into the world. Bella befriends Jacob Black, a member of the Quileute tribe, and Bella’s partner in crime {who is secretly in love with her, and oh-yeah, he’s a werewolf}. Bella’s adventurous side lands her in the ER a few times & a near drowning brings Alice back into her life. Edward had heard of her experience {unknown of her rescue}, decides to take his life. Bella & Alice are determined to prevent the loss of Edward – flying to Italy, grand theft auto & making a mad dash through the bustling city of Volterra. A caveat to his rescue is that the Volteri demand that Bella becomes one of the Cullen’s because, she knows too much about the secrets of the Volteri & vampires. Edward is very unhappy about this & is determined to evade the Volteri instead of “changing her”. Bella insists that it will be safer for her & her family by being “changed”. Edward insists, the only way that he will change her is if she marries him.

Meyer’s once again writes a novel that forces the reader into the book, exploring every nook & cranny. The reader is strung along enduring page after page, introducing new characters and scenarios that leave the reader catching their breath at each new chapter. Meyer’s continues to base her books off of her love for the romantic tragedy of Romeo & Juliet, and throughout the novel it plays in the foreground of the readers minds as tension builds & the tragedy ensues. Though a good portion of the book is spent on the emotional pain that Bella feels when Edward abandons her – it is extremely well written and is really what this story is about. Most of the things that happen to Bella in New Moon are as a result of the overwhelming loss that she is trying to bear. Her friendship with Jacob has a doomed quality to it not only because he obviously loves her while she is in love with Edward but because he is a werewolf and he naturally hates all vampires. I can see these two {Edward & Jacob} vying for her eternal undying {pun intended} love, over the next few books.

I stayed up into the early hours of the day reading this book struggling to put it down when my eyelids became to heavy to continue. I highly recommend this read {but please read Twilight first}. And GO SEE THE MOVIE!!!