lensbaby photowalk

As of late Sawyer has been getting into this {www.photowalkingutah.com} nerdy geeky dorky awesome site. He was lead to the site by following some Utah photog’s on twitter. This past weekend they had an awesome event. The group leads {Rich Legg & Nicolesy} got pictureline & lensbaby (selective blur lenses) to lend lens’s to some (mostly novice with these lens’s) photog’s for a few hours. This was a pretty awesome experience for me {kate} as the only time I had really played with a lensbaby was last christmas when I bought Sawyer his. Unfortunately the lenses focal length was quite small so we didn’t get really any together. Here are a few shots from the event. (Disclaimer: Most of these are from Sawyer’s camera, as mine are incredibly novice…)