UGH. Today sucked. Seriously. I have been waiting for the past NINE days to hear from hr about this awesome position that I applied for & had a second interview with & was totally on the ledge thinking I had it in the bag. wrong-o. so, I am getting ready to leave work and get the dreaded email from hr stating:

Dear Kate K.

We are sorry to inform you that you are no longer a canidate for the position of pediatric IV tech. You have no usable skill sets, or assets that we could use and are just really lame. You suck. Good luck finding another job!

Love HR.

Ok, so it wasn’t completely like that. I may have added a few emotional comments that were not necessarily in that email, but seriously, getting that rejection was the preverbal nail in my coffin. Last thing I really needed this week.

Who wouldn’t want me? I am awesome (and have really awesome shoes, and totally sport scrubs better than half of those other ladies out there…). RIGHT? right? guys…