Oct 27 2009

i’m great in bed

i can sleep for days.

I recently have re-entered this phase of my life that I can not function without, say 10 hours of sleep. Without it, I seriously, sit doubtfound yawning, shaking, practically revolted by the insane fact that I probably sleep more than my newest little nephew. (shout out for little Theo!) but back to my story. I literally have no energy without massive amounts of sleep, I have even taken a liking to afternoon naps. Pathetic right? What am I, FOUR?!

see? I worked hard.

see? I worked hard.

Yesterday, the man & I raked a friends yard. And by we, I (mostly) mean he. And by raked, I mean I used the leaf blower & held the bag, and looked pretty. (I did actually do about 15 minutes of it before he took over with the rake – just that alone winded me) I am so useful, I know. But hey, someone has to hold the bag & make measly attempts to squash the leaves. Right?

Now, if it was my yard, things would probably pan out like this:

Oct 25 2009

i wish my midterm could be on grey’s anatomy instead of organic biology.

ok, so I totally jacked that post name from a fellow friend. sometimes I totally hate fbook because it always “reloads” WHILE I am typing a kick-arse snotty head comment on a fellow friends page. suck.

here is how it all went down:
Christi Frost: wishes her midterm could be on Grey’s Anatomy rather than on GCB…

ugh… i seriously just had this *totally awesome* smart-arse comment typed, and hit the little blasted “comment” button and POUFF, its gone! laaaaaame. so , here it goes, to the best of my snotty recollection.

“i totally agree! i have a huge arse o-bio exam tuesday, and i would love to totally rather catch up on the latest episode rather than, say, rip my head open and cram, literally, cram EIGHT chapters of biology into the little space that is my head. no bueno. maybe i’ll go to the ed and pray that I have as awesomely hot dr McDreamy to wisk me away to some “emergency surgery” so I can get a dr’s note as to why I can’t take my exam on tuesday…. oh well. sweet dreams. pray this crap will osmosize into my squeably head over night…”

Oct 25 2009

is today over yet?

so, I am sitting here, its 6:45 on sunday night, I’m am snuggling up in an old hoodie, and sawyer’s awesome university of utah doubled fleece blanket that I made him a few years back for christmas. My head hurts, I’d like to blame it on sitting in on my little strobist wanna-be’s photo sesh, gah flashing lights, so bright… ugh my head. However, most likely it is due to my lets see, FOUR panic attacks I had earlier today & the near complete bottle of purel that I used. Long story.

If it wasn’t for this awesome blog that I stumbled upon from my dearest chiquita. As well as stupid cafe world – dang, can’t leave it for 10 minutes without my food rotting our having soooo many customers that I run out of food, every 5 minutes… lame. If it wasn’t for these I would be curled up in a ball on the couch, nursing my sore head & even more upset tummy. Maybe it’s because all I have ate today is a reese’s fast break, diet pills & a mt dew, oh and 3 cups of coffee… oh massive indigestion. suck.

well I am being beckoned, nay forced to eat. ok, not really forced, Laurie’s pasta smells great, I am just being harassed for having to a) finish this post b) take my food off the oven.

peace out.

Oct 8 2009

mortality & morbidity

I feel… empty. emotional overload? maybe. withdrawl from wreckage of death? possible….

Someday death seems closer to us than others. This past week & month it seems to have been on the cusp of my singular reality. I have had two clients who have been very dear to me, whom I invested so much of my time and talents with, to whom I poured out my heart; went back to their heavenly home. These past few days I have felt, so empty. Emotions have been all over the place and the pain of their loss has taken me overboard. Part of me just wants to climb in my little whole and hide, you know; when your heart is broken, your soul is tired, your body is numb, and it all feels like it’s for nothing? When your wondering if fighting the good fight is really worth it.

Absolutely, that’s when it means the most.

I had the chance to read the eulogy that one of their parents had wrote, and it knocked me off my feet. I understand the grief, the pain, but the absolution that was presented was inconsolable; the complete revocation of the reasons why the beloved soul had passed on. It saddens me to think that denying the addiction of someone you love when they die, makes it as though it never really existed. It’s like being in denial about the little patch of mold growing in the corner of your fridge. Pretty soon it has taken over and will never disappear. You can throw out your fridge and get a new one, but good luck getting a new child.

“Testing the strong ones. Scarring the beautiful ones. And holding the loved ones, one last time.” – Copeland

Rest in peace blessed souls. You are dearly missed.