top ten reasons why i haven’t been blogging

Reason 10. I graduated college. Ok, well almost graduated, I am finishing my last course at the university for my degree in Family Studies, however I “walked” and went a fabulous vacation to Kona, Hawaii with my family. Including my dearest brother & sister-in-law whom live in Russia.

Reason 9. I started degree number 2. I am currently taking all of my pre-requisites for a nursing degree. Yes, I have officially lost my mind.

Reason 8. I am taking a phlebotomy course and throughly enjoying drawing peoples blood. mwwwahha…

Reason 7. I currently work at least 40hours a week, along with school, church functions, pretending to have a social life, and on the occasion – attempting to sleep.

Reason 6. I am currently reading the following books: The Archaeology Study Bible -specifically Isaiah (not to be biased, but that is definitely my favorite book),