life is.

Life, life is well, its messy. You have good days. You have bad days. You have days that take your breath away. You have days that leave you in awe. You have days that you feel like you are underwater, gasping for air, frantically kicking not knowing which way is up or down. You have days where you seem invisible. You have days where you wish you were invisible. You have days filled with joy. You have days filled with utter pain. You have days you only wish for someone to understand, someone to reach out. You have days you just want to be alone. You have days that turn into weeks, that turn into years, that turn into decades; one day, you look around and everything is different.

You have secrets. You have scars. You have walls. But how many times are these walls created by the desire to have some one break them down, to see the wreckage behind them? To have someone who will help live through the pain, to sift through the past scar tissue and make one believe that the past is the past.

A few years back, a friend pointed out this website to me, this site instantly became a safe haven, a place that I knew, i was not