the weekend of 21

First off God is AMAZING. I just got back from camping out with 300 of my best friends (and yes, many were MIA ;). God reached into the hearts of <b>21</b> souls this weekend and urged them to be baptized!!! Take that satan :)

Secondly, I <b>LOVE</b> the Provo church members (and the Colorado guys too) you all were awesome to sit, converse, and pray with. I love you all.

Third, I turned 21 this Friday!!! Yay… So two awesome things about that number this incredible weekend.

Fourth, my bathtub looks like the cat and the hat came to town… if you have no idea what I am inferencing too, go to the store get the book and find out… ha ha…

Fifth, <b>NO</b> major injuries (not even for me, ha ha), Phillip Falls was not re-enacted either.

God is good.

grace and peace,

P.S. Tristan and Shay make me smile.

P.S.S. Pictures will be up tonight.