Spring Break 2008: Moab

corona archAfter a good 269 miles, 4.75 hour car ride, 3 snow storms, 2 vehicular accidents, 117 rail road cars, multiple dead animals, 2 pit stops, and a lovely 1.5 hour nap – we arrived at our first attraction, Corona Arch. On day one of our lovely Moab adventure, we hiked a good 1.5 miles to the beautiful Corona Arch, from there we ascended the face of the adjoining wall. After a quick lecture on repelling the 15 of us all had a chance to repell the 140 foot arch. Completely amazing, and an experience that everyone should take, whenever the opportunity arises.

We were able to stake out a site that fit all 15 of us, next to the boat loading docks out on potash road. After struggling with the stove for a good half hour, we finally dined on a fabulous meal of pasta & pizza tonkas.

The following morning we arose early to make a traditional camping feast, of breakfast burritos. After cleaning up from the meal (in the freezing cold) we headed back out to potash to do some climbing. Today we focused mostly on how to set anchors and tie in to alternative points of protection. It was an amazing day with a lot of great climbs, and I must say that Peanut Butter sandwiches are the best way to regain energy out on the rock. Following the climb, our massive troupe packed up into our cars and made way for the city, for ice cream of course ;) I find that rock climbers must always have a rock (or food) in front of them, to remain entertained (see flickr for details).

katie crack climbingSomehow during the night, I woke up shaking in the fetal position, with my sleeping bag, the sleeping bag liner, and my two blankets in a massive ball at the other end of the tent… Still trying to figure out how I managed that. Today was our last day, and only a half day at that, so we had to manage our time as well as possible. We mainly focused on crack and friction climbing – both amazing, and both requiring totally different techniques of maneuvering ones body against the wall.

After an amazing weekend, 278 miles, 1 rain/dust storm, 1 snow storm, 2 pit stops, 21 dead deer, 149 rail road cars, 1 prank call, and one starbucks run – these two very tired climbers arrived back home in Salt Lake City.

Now to pack & head to Seattle. Caio!