Analogy of Abuse

Addictions & substance abuse are a lot like a car crash. In this crash, every window has blown out, shattered and left thousands of shards protruding from your extremities. These pieces of glass range in size, and soon you become acquainted to them. It is as though they are essentially a part of ones “natural” being. One fears more so of the removal of these pieces, and the scars that removal shall bring, than the actual velocity and dire nature through which these shards were brought to creation & implantation. Now, substance abuse treatment, is like removing each piece of glass & piecing back together the windows these shards once formed, all before bleeding out on the cutting room floor. To us surgically minded counselors, these shards represent the family problems, emotional and behavioral problems, educational and truancy problems, and societal tribulations that lead up to the crash.

Daily I work with clients who would rather leave these shards of glass imbedded in their body, than face the open wounds that follow removal. Daily these clients divulge in thinking errors of how they reason that it is