Jan 24 2008

Passing on

Some times we need those kicks with reality. Those days with pain, illness, the fight for life, and the grief of death. As I was browsing through the hundreds of posts spanning the internet about the late Heath Ledger and how dearly he will be miss by his million plus female fans, I came across a blog that really says it best. It is from the blog of a organization called “To Write Love On Her Arms” a group of people who have came together to raise awareness about suicide and self destructive behaviors. This post really makes you think (as most of their site does), it was one of those … man, I really couldn’t have said it better.

To see the To Write Love On Her Arms post: In Loving Memory

God Bless. And Rest in Peace dear Heath.

Jan 2 2008

Becoming new

This year my resolution was to no longer make useless resolutions, to no longer delight in the undignifying resolutions of divulging in the psychosis of worldly related vanity. This year I resolve to let go of what I have done, as the Linkin Park song states, “let mercy come & wash away, what I have become”. I am praying that we are enabled to let the Lord wash us with a cleansing fire and help us to become what he wants us to be :)

Grace and peace as we bring in the new year, be safe in your travels. God bless!