Joy comes full circle

In this post consumer, candy crazy, santa sitting, Christmas caroling world, we have to an impasse of whether to please ourselves, or to give joy to another soul. Thankfully community organizations have made it possible to get past the extravagantly decorated toys that will break after one use, and the screaming kids in the mall, to give some Christmas cheer to a child that with out you would not have a Christmas.

As you make your way into the crowded malls, with the mothers that look like a train wreck with the 5 kids all screaming for candy & toys, and the Santas getting their picture taken, just think of how with an extra 5 minutes you can bring joy to a little child.

There are many organizations that have “adoptions” available at Christmas time. Ever since I can remember my family would adopt a family through either “Sub for Santa” or “The Angel Tree“, these organizations parse through the under privileged families and those who fall under the poverty line. When you adopt one of these families, you get a little packet that states the families immediate needs and the desires of the children.

This Christmas Sawyer and I adopted a little four year old girl, who’s desires were a new coat and some dolls. As we sit back this Christmas and we think of the video consoles and games, and other expensive toys that it takes to satisfy the “desires” of our own families, lets take some time to think about how a little gift like that of a new coat can bless the heart of a little child.