Ace of Hearts

Maybe its acid reflux, maybe its the sign of an early age oncoming stroke, maybe its indigestion lingering from the remnants of a cheap meal, but maybe, its just plain old compassion. A compassion that pains in the chest, that smacks you dead flat to the floor. The apostle Paul defined compassion as a transcending of both natural human sympathy and normal Christian concern, enabling one to sense in others a wide range of emotions and then provide a supportive ministry of caring and intercessory prayer.

I have been sitting here for come two hours now, air conditioning sends the littering of informational memos and forewarning literature fluttering like little parachutists hanging on by one last thread, leaving them now skewed against the stark white walls. The constant muttering and snoring has faded in the distance as I sit, engulfing my senses into a fore-lorn tale.