Apr 27 2007

The Homestretch

One final down, 3 papers, and 2 more finals to go… The end of my first year back home and my second year of college has finally came to an end. After changing my major back in December, I am fully confident that the Lord is leading my in the path of Social Work. Ahead of me I have a summer Psychology course and then on to applying for the university’s Social Work program in August. I have a great semester lined up for me this fall, as Abnormal Child Psychology takes the cake on the class that I am most excited for, out of all of my education thus far.

Only four more days, two more years, another two years, possibly another three or four more years…

I think that I will just become a professional student.

Apr 16 2007

Please Pray

This morning Virginia Tech experienced the most deadly school shooting in United States history. 32 confirmed dead and many more injured as a student opened fire in a dormitory followed by a mass shooting in an engineering building across campus. The police state that the shooter is dead but it is unsure whether it was suicide or police fire that took him down.

Police are unsure of his intentions for this mass causality event. But it was said that he was “looking for his girlfriend”

Please keep the victims and their families in your prayers.


Apr 13 2007

Nothing Can Seperate

Things that the Lord is teaching me today:
1. Do you know that I have never forsaken you nor will I ever reject you? I was there all along. I will always be.
2. You do have an enemy, My child. But it is not Me. He wants you to think that it is.
3. Do you think that you have to prove yourself loveable to me? Deep down inside, are you trying to earn My love and attention?
4. As you strive to love Me more, do you realize the key to loving Me more is to let Me love you more?
5. To whom have you compared Me, and with whom have you confused Me?
6. Quit trying to be so strong. Let Me be strong for you.
7. I love you unashamedly. Even now my banner flies over you. Everyone in the heavenlies knows how I feel about you. I’d leave you red-faces over My love for you… if you’d let Me.

Nothing can seperate me, you, us, from God’s perfect love.