Bless me still

::thump. thump. thump. breathe. just breathe. just. keep. breathing:: Fear swelling up in her throat, terror reminding her just to breathe in. The pumping of her heart ponding like a drummer gone mad. No other sounds, the sirens had faded, the spectators dissipated, the police bantering… nothing just, thump, thump, thump.

She blinks, trying to awake from this dream nightmare. nothing. Still here, still hearing the gruesome details of how my sister could have easily lost her life. All I can say is thank the Lord, thank the Lord that he watches over his own. Thank the Lord that the bruises and mere swelling are the severest of injuries. Thank the Lord that my dear sister is laying at home cuddled up in blankets covered in ice packs and doped on lortab.

Semi’s have always been my major driving fear, today has not relieved it. Seeing the license plate of my sisters car remolded and fused to the landing gear of a semi truck and a demolished truck is no way to relinquish the fear of hearing a police officer say that 90% of crashes like this turn out completely different, the driver of the car is dead before they arrive on the scene.

Oh dear God, you are so good – all of the time.