what should one do?

I have been thinking a lot lately. Thinking about, life, and death. Choices, and and decisions that should never be left to that of a mortal being. Choices so painful that God never should have given humans the ability to make them. Maybe I just watch to much TLC, but honestly – what is the right choice to make when faced with the birth of a Treacher Collins Syndrome or an anencephalic child? Maybe I just get too emotional, maybe I am just full of fear – praying that God would face me with such a choice. Would I lose faith? Would my faith become more restored and renewed in God’s grace? What would I do, would I go through everything that a mother could to make sure her child not only has life but – work to try and make her comfortable? Or would I let the Lord take her back, remove her from her misery? Could I just sit there and watch her suffer, until the eminent reversal of her life? What would you do. What Maternal or Paternal emotions strike you, the desire to want to see your child live – to be able someday to truly live; or the pain of not wanting to see your flesh and blood suffer?