Nov 26 2006

woman found behind bookcase

Woman’s body found behind a bookcase after being missing for 11 days.

Nov 21 2006

Changing Seasons

Leaves litter the ground as the lively fragrance of autumn slowly fades away. The bitter cold winds gleefully spread the fallen remnants of all that is left of the beauty of fall across the walks. The lonely benches lay barren with robust orange hue of the gracefully fallen synthesized leaves. The confused weather slowly reminds itself that the winter is soon coming, as the melancholy clouds yet refuse to grace the land with its white fluff. The earth aches for the glistening white powder that washes away all of the grime.

As the seasons change, and the holidays come to grace us with their presence; the incense of gingerbread fills my mind as the scent of pumpkin quickly filters out. Thanksgiving is just two days away and Christmas is just around the corner. I can’t wait for Christmas, it is my favorite season; not merely for the gingerbread chai – but for; family, spending hours finding presents that will make each person smile as they open it, the smell of pine, Christmas carolers, Operation Christmas Child, Salvation Army bell ringers…

Nov 20 2006

days gone by…

Lonely Hours

By Kate Kiehn

Verse 1
Cause you?ve turned your back,
Took all of the slack,
Taken it back to you.

In your lonely hours,
Christ empowers,
The tears that devour you.

Verse 2
You want to make your mark,
Let loose of the bark,
That holds God back from you.

Verse 3
Now He?s molding you, making you,
To all that you can be,
Cause you?ve gave him back that you can be.

In your lonely hours,
Christ empowers,
The tears that devour you.

Verse 4
Now go make that mark,
Cause you?ve let loose of the bark,
That held God back from you.

Chorus 2
In your lonely hours,
Christ empowered,
The tears that once devoured you.

Nov 3 2006


All Iraqi Army leaves are canceled in advance of the Saddam trial verdict.

Nov 2 2006


Kate HudsonI have been wiki-ed! Well… Sorta. A picture that I took of Kate Hudson outside the Letterman show on July 17th 2006, has been used as the profile picture for Kate’s wiki page.