Seasons of Love

The frigid air slowly warms as it turns the once falling hail, into now giant puddles consuming the walkways and turning the grass to mudslides. The swings blowing in the southbound breeze as the playground remains unocuppied, except for the massive puddle that lay still, waiting for a young toddler to jump in with his bright yellow rain boots, and matching coat.

Leaves scattered across the ground, as many have yet to lose their pigment and change to the beautiful hues of orange and red. The colors that have yet to grace us with their presence in this ever chilling season.

It seems that as everything changes in the weather that so, inversely it will cause a change in our lives, a change that will cause us to make or break our paths of life, but each step is a journey that we need to take. The only choice is wether to move left or right to veer from the looming puddle directly in our course. Which way do we take? The fog of eternity clouds our vision of the obstacles down each direction. We have the choice of wether to let go of our hold to the tree and fall as a green leaf to the ground; prematurally. Or, we have the chance to turn to the beautiful shade of red and hues of orange as we let the Lord work in our life.

It seems the more I try to avoid something that the Lord is trying to impliment in my life, the more God makes that point more and more evident around me. To do this many times he will have 90% of the blogs I read all have posts about that lesson he is trying to teach me. That so many times I look to life, to all I have, to the work I do, to the walls I have built up around me guarding me from all harm, from all vulnerability, surrounded by all of my little gadgets and books, music… Never taking time to soak in the love that I have from all of the blessed people that God has graced me with.

five-hundrend-twenty-five-thousand-six-hundred minutes,
how do you measure a year in the life?

How about Love?