Just trying to figure it all out

Its getting colder now, the wind that flows from the North brings a chilling essence that the beauty of fall will be arriving soon to my doorstep. School is back in its full swing as the assignments, papers, and tests are starting to pile up once again. Only two weeks in and the commute is driving me insane, I hate driving to begin with, but now the hour drive from home to classes during peek travel hours has driven me to the edge of my sanity. I love where I work, I just can’t stand how far away it is from every where else that I need to be, I feel like I am missing out on so much because I have to leave at least an hour before I need to arrive to my destination. The money exerted on gas is nor the time spent commuting is worth the money made because of it. I wish I could just make everything work, be able to have the social, academic and work life that I want. But taking 17 credits, and working 30 hours a week, along with 2 hour travel time each day, kind of kills the day… I know living at home has its advantages… like free food, and laundry a car, and such; but if only I could live on campus, and find a job along the trax lines… Maybe then this all would work, all parts of this hectic life would even out?