five years of remembrance

Death, Destruction, Pain, Tragedy, Sorrow, Fear, Loss, Grief, Courage, Patriotism, Heroes, Helping Hands, Charity.

These are just a few of the words that come to mind when I think of the tragic events of September 11, 2001. The lives of 2,749 people were stolen from them, as the lives of millions around the globe were permentantly effected. Five years later the lives of those who risked there lives to rescue the last survivors from the towers, and the lives of those who will never get to tell their loved ones, “I love you” one more time, are remembered. Their lives not forgotten. The events of that dreadful day will not be forgotten, they live on in our history books, a day that will live on eternally engraved in the minds of those who saw those dire actions unfold. Today we take the time to look back, time to remember the lives of all of those who gave there life to save another, who were racing down 100 flights of stairs attempting to outrun the flames.

The images of that fateful day, still running through the celluloid of my mind, moving pictures of a moment that forever changed the course of events in this world. Sitting in classroom after classroom, watching, waiting, thinking that this has to be just a dream. Wondering what kind of hate someone must arbor to do such a dissastorous deed.

This summer I was given an amazing chance to go see the WTC site, to see the vast amount of empty space that ends the Metro railway of Manhattan. I stood, where many ran for their lives before me, where women and children came, looking for their husbands and fathers, where thousands of vollenteers risked their lives to help those in need. I stood where giant memorials will soon shade the now barren land. I saw the little notes, the flowers, the goodbyes that span the area, left behind by those whose lives will never be the same. Although, today, none of are lives are the same… they never will be again…