new beginnings

The gleeful screams of young toddlers fill the cool air, as the winds from the east carry the delight from the security of their shrouded inhabitance. It seems like just yesterday when I was content in sitting on the swing for hours, or riding my bike around the block until I was dizzy. What happened to the time when life was easy? Where did all that time go? Time seems to pass like the sand in an hour glass, as the moments of our life that we cherish most pass us by in the blink of an eye. If we don?t take the time to cherish every breathe it will escape us as the moment passes and leaves us in the dust with the memories that we wish we had held more dear.

A bell tolls, its noon. Students fill the courtyards as they wander, like ants in their hill, going to and fro, from one class to another. Another summer has come and gone and once again the toils of classes, tests, and papers has begun once again. This marks the beginning of my second year of University. This year has a new location, although I very much loved Bethel many circumstances made it difficult to return. I love it. Minus the parking issues?. It is a bit weird not living on campus and living back at home, I was so used to coming and going whenever I felt like it. So, it has been a touch difficult to get used to having time constraints and family being a factor into my activities. But school is good. I am still loving my major and so far all of my classes seem like they are good fits into my four year plan.