May 27 2006

journeying onward

Thursday May 25 5:45 am

I love these morning walks around the lake, with no direct route and no distinguished time of return. Only following a rugged dirt path, hoping that it will bring you back to the same place it always has. Home. The lilacs as they glisten in the dawn, throw of the scent of some luxurious perfume that only the richest have money to purchase, and only the humble have a chance to experience naturally. Straying not from the path but to redirect thine journey away from the freshly sprouted towers, as the ants go about their daily routine of building a home for their queen; and misguided sprinklers throwing frigged water unto all it can reach. The lake more still than cooled glass, tainted with the elements of a students’ most recent attempt to be rid him self of all things educational. The pigment still fresh and hardly bleed. Bubbles of oxygen rescue pieces of the document, as though the liquid has destined specific items to preserve. The branches entangled within one another, high above the ground making a wet canopy, luring in morning travelers with its eerie mist over the now dimly lit path. Two lone tire swings blow in the wind as if the children of the night have yet to finish playing on them. As their giggles and playful screams are dulled by that of the morning winds from the west. The red embers and smoldering glow casting the essence of a still burning flame of the fire that was extinguished not long ago. The white smoke still billowing lightly from its bay. The sticky grass applies its self as a motif to the travelers shoes as the blue jays come out to greet her good morning and adieu. Their chirps filling the air with an intoxicating tranquility begging her not to leave their secret place, that which they all have held so dear. And there, she has arrived at her secret corner, her unabashed seat under the oaks, as the morning quietly sneaks up on her, transforming the darkened sky into a light hew of gray. The sun hiding behind the gloomy sky as though it already knows the deeds of the day and refuses to shine. For today is the day that the land must bid its traveler adieu. That she must continue her journey, onward.

May 22 2006

and then there was two

I gaze across the room to the empty space that was once homely decorated, with everything neatly placed within its own specific categorical order. The empty space now gives a gloom and reminder that is actually the end. The end of one journey, and the beginning of three new paths as we continue our walks on with lives. Our once bubbly trio has dissipated now to a stressed out, sleep deprived duo praying that today was Friday, and that all finals had passed us by.

Last night was one of remembrance, one of reminiscing upon all of our mishaps, adventures, sleepless nights, and “I have had way too much caffeine” times. Surely ones that I will never forget.

I will always remember, I will always love:
my amazing roomies. late night walks to sem hill. becky paul! movie and pizza nights. studying in market. sarah frederickson. 4am perkins runs via the train tracks. bruggers bagel saturdays. 2am conversations with karis on the passion of life. alyssa king. the abandoned house. welcome week. shannon mccoy. painting the rock. the swings outside the cdc. stephanie johnson. borrowing furniture. dorm wars because of borrowed furniture. homecoming. sa. all of my amazing floormates. runs to northwestern college. the u of m. lovie! the three sexy men tempting me in my fridge. cambria breitkreutz. playing in the snow. stealing sheets. watching the entire season one of house in two days. amish people. getting mail. apples to apples at 6am. walks around the lake. horror movie marathon on the hill. bonfires. discovering true passion. standing up for a cause. being nicknamed “gadget” by the floor. the hilarious boys from b2. being pranked by the boys from b2. debates. minnesota institue of art. watching the entire lord of the rings trilogy before finals week with laura. random picture adventures. chai days. ramen rainy days.

May 19 2006


You know its know it is coming up on finals week when:

You see the sun rise twice consecutively without seeing your bed in between….

2 more finals to go,
1 final research paper,
6 days until I am a sophomore!
10 days until I am home!! :D

May 16 2006

I love my roommates!

Me: [reading a quote book] “I believe that our Heavenly Father invented man because he was disappointed in the monkey.” -Mark Twain

Karis: Is that why he created woman then, he was disappointed in man?

May 12 2006

Friday, May 12 2006

I am so close to just counting down the minutes until I am home… with 2 group projects, 2 more tests, 3 finals, 1 eight page research paper, 12 more class sessions, 3 songs placed on the back burner, and thousands of posts placed back in the freezer since the back burner is full…

17 days 11 hours 52 minutes…