time to breathe?

You ever have those days where you have like a million things to do, and for some reason your hands and mind don’t seem to ever be connected? Today was one of those days. At work, Caribou Coffee, I had two lattes, and a scalding green tea decide to go kamikaze and committed suicide all down the front of me. Now I have a pile of homework seriously a mile high, way too many things to do before Wednesday:

– Moral Analysis for Philosophy
– Project for Computer Science
– Test in Computer Science
– Test in French
– Annotated Bibliography for Creative Writing
– Pacifism Essay for Creative Writing

And all I can think of is just having “me” time… Relaxing down with a movie… Spend a few hours not thinking about homework, school… And it is the last thing I have time to do.

I just have way too many things on my mind right now… so I am going to press the mental defrag button and watch Pride and Prejudice….