Rage against the machine

Man versus man.
Man versus nature.
Man versus himself.
Man versus machine.

These are the four victorian conflicts. In the last 20 hours I have gone through two of these. It seems as though it takes a conflict to get me to start writing thoughtful post on here. First off, Man versus machine. Last night the conflict was between me, a rough computer science assignment, and a DNS server that decided that it wanted to play games with my sanity.With in this conflict, arises a subconflict, Man versus himself. This was s conflict that pressed me to the edge of whether to give up or to persevere through the night. A conflict that drove me to tears and muttering profanities under my breath at the mass confusion. Sitting on the phone at 2am trying to describe one of many compilation errors, without being able to show the actual code that was causing the issues. My body physically lagging and the worry actually making me sick to my stomach. Four o’clock rolls around and still no connection, cognitive capacity decreasing faster and faster and the presence of physical exhaustion is becoming visibly noticeable. Attempting to defeat ones physical desire and need for rest; finally my body crashed around 5:30, only to awaken to the sound of “5,025,600 minutes…”, two hours later.

Again, the machine comes in to play, as I so eagerly meander out of bed, I begin to unlock my computer, soon to find that the internet is still down across campus. Knowing that there was nothing I could do until the internet is back up I wearily climb back into my bed; the sheets already cold from the absence of my body for only moments. Crawling back under the covers I utter many desperate prayers, stated plainly as “God, please let it work, please!” Closing my eyes I drift of, instantaneously, my dreary mind praying vigorously for r.e.m..

I, awake to the sound of MSN signing me in at 8:10. Finally the internet is back up and running. Thrusting myself out of bed I rush to my computer, unknowing if it was a steady stream of connection, or if the server would play hide-and-seek again. Working as fast as I can to knowledgeably, and correctly finish my assignment, yet proceeding with caution on the temperamental connection.

10:50. Assignment completed. All methods wrote, all variables declared, javadoc’d, jar’d, emailed, printed, done.

All thanks to the amazing intelligent insightful hero, who not only stayed up half of the night to attempt to get me to relax, and comprehend what needed to be done, and finally to go to bed. But also got up early as well, to make sure I understood what the program was supposed to look like. Wow. I am so lucky *grin*

It is now 3:50. After 3 classes, 2 large mugs of coffee, nearly 8 hours of running off of 2 hours of sleep…. now, now it is naptime..