Due to hunting season starting, the campus is at a major lack of occupancy and a major lack of interesting occupants, and activities because of this lack. Due to this stagnation, 5 girls from the other 3rd guys side, and myself decided that off-campus could be much more fun. We got all dollied up and hit the town around 8:30 pm. We had heard rumors of a posh restaurant in uptown that has amazing food, and is tucked away in the city. We finally found the Chino Latino’s, even though there was no sign present for it although it is on the main drag, we were confronted with a one and a half hour wait; just to get a booth. Once we got are name on the list, we strolled around the chilly city and resolved that Starbucks could make the cold leave our bones until we got a seat. We finally got in and were seated in a nice booth to people watch from.

We took a look at the menu and noticed that not only is it “Latino” foods, but it is equatorial foods, from across the globe. I noticed the whole pineapple sitting on a close table with a stray sticking out of it, and immediately started searching for it on the menu. MMM, Pina Colda… One of the girls in our group and I decided to share a Fried Ice Cream, another great choice, I was delightful….The food was great, a bit spendy but totally worth the wait and the expense.