As of 6:45 this morning, and having the complete lack of any desire to sleep, in the dim light of the over cast morning I walked over and throughout the campus. This is all after being awake for 20 hours now, mind you. Carrying the bare essentials – camera, cell phone, room key – I headed out for nature trail around the lake. Upon reaching the outdoors, and seeing the dismal look from the clouds I was saddened to notice that I would be virtually incapable of seeing the sunrise without Cyclops glasses. Although I was in dismay of being unable to achieve my original goal, I set out to pixelize the campus. Walking along the path, attempting to adjust me focus onto strange items that seemed to be in the lake, I saw, about 40 loons, lounging in the near freezing water. I made my way up to sem hill, and took a few pictures along the way. I love this time of day, it is beautiful, although, I am rarely awake at it. Starting to lose feeling in my fingers, I headed back to Bodien, where the heat, is now a blessing.

Last night Bethel University’s Student Activities Committees, planned and carried out the 2005 Cancer Walk. Raising money for the Minnesota Cancer Research Center. We had a small turn out but an outstanding amounts of funds raised for the number of participants – a near 5 grand. The event went from 9:30pm – 2am, man walking for 4 hours really takes alot out of you. Many Minneapolis companies donated raffle prizes as well as donating food items for the participants – including Quizno’s, Krispy Kreme, Chancellor Pizza and Panera. YUMMY… Although, I probably induced more calories during the walk, than I did all day prior to the event. There were a bunch of activities for team members to do while resting, like – DDR, Coloring Books, and Board Games. It was an amazing event, the majority of those walking had been effected by a family member with cancer. It surprised me to see the prevalence of it in society, I never would have guessed that so many people had been effected by an acquaintance with the disease. I want to thank all of those that took part in making this event happen, it was great working with you all, and you all are a blessing to the Research center.