Happy Halloween!

Last night, at our weekly Student Activities meeting, we had a pumpkin carving contest, placing all of the committees against each other. All going for the most creative carving… ever. Many groups used their committee’s slogans, while others used their specialties (Seasonal Events), however, my committee vetoed this plague, and came up with a new, better idea. We integrated three SA inside jokes into one amazing quote “Clearly, For The Lovie.” It was fun, ours should have won, but mad props to Seasonal Events who took home the chocolate…

Although going to this meeting made me miss out on the majority of the Bodien Hall Halloween Bash, but I think that I will recover. I was amazed at some of the costumes that people had come up with:
A Minnesota Drivers License
A Picnic Table and Basket
Batman (child size costume on a six foot guy)
A dinosaur
Charlie’s Angels
A Werewolf
An Incredible

I was surprised how many of my dorm mates decided to go trick-or-treating as well, I wouldn’t have thought that they would. I wouldn’t its so juvenile. And we still had candy left from Sunday when the TCO (Twin Cities Outreach) kids came and trick-or-treated through our dorms… awww, they were so cute!! I miss hanging out with the little ones every week!!!