Oct 31 2005

movie quote monday

“The past isn’t real. It’s just a dream.”

-Bret Easton Ellis, American Psycho

Oct 27 2005


I have two requests for you all this morning, prayer for the most amazing person ever, and one for myself.

1. My dearest floormate: Gretchen has lyrangitis and she has the opening night of the musical Stepping Out, In which she is one of the leads, and has no understudy. Pray that her voice will come back and not be painful to perform.

2. Myself: My throat is killing me and I can when I take a deep breath, I can feel it all throughout my chest and have extensive coughing fits.

Oct 24 2005

Roommate Roulette

Every year, each floor from all of the residence halls, plan an event that can make or break your relationship with your roommates. It can only be described as Roommate Roulette. At an event of such velocity, one is in the environment of utter confusion and complete trust of their roommates. In the weeks leading up the event, ones roommate finds a certain someone, as a blind date for their roomie, or in my case; roomies. The best part is keeping it blind, not allowing your lovely roommates to know whom they are going with, a surprise.

It was so much fun, finding dates for my roommates and keeping their prying minds away from manipulating me into giving away the name. Although, I played the same game on them, fortunately none of us gave in. Finally the day came, and as us girls sat in our rooms eagerly awaiting our dates arrival, yet nervously hoping that our roomies did not double play us and get someone really annoying. A knock. Laura was first, anxiously she opened the door, her date waited seemingly as nervous as she. And then they were gone. It was just Karis and I now, one of us would be left to sit alone in the room for who knows how long, a knock. Nervously, I answered the door, unknowing if it would be for me of for her. Thankfully, it was for me. My date. I laughed, the hilarity of it was astounding. My date, was a boy from my dorm, whom practically became my brother since Welcome Week, and through SA.

After waiting what seemed forever to get all of the “couples” from the floor into the vans, we were on our way. Our first stop, one of our floormates for a delicious dinner of Tacos… yummy!!! After dinner, we jumped back in the vans and headed over to another house for some pie and hot chocolate. After we indulged in some wonderful pie (mmmmm, cheesecake!), we went out side for a bon fire, which was fun, and warm! We all found out some good information by that fire; 1. Shoes will melt if they get too close to the fire, move them went you start to feel a tingle in your toes… 2. Anything that you throw in the fire will burn, even if it is your friend… After the bonfire we headed back inside the house and played “4 on the couch” and eat more food. Around 11:30 we piled back into the vans and headed back towards the campus, were everyone went there own ways, many to bed others to movies showing around campus. A bunch of us watched Oceans 11, and devoured more food, and highly caffeinated beverages until about 4am. Then finally decided that the bed might be a good place to go….

The night was amazing, tons of fun, although I can feel a cold coming on….

Oct 17 2005

Duluth, MN

I sit, taking it all in. The cool afternoon breeze, refreshing. Dangling my feet into the chilly water, the temperature a reminder of the freezing conditions that are soon to arrive, eagerly awaiting their turn; like a young child waiting for the recess bell. Luscious Reds, Vibrant Oranges splash the trees with color, photosynthesis done. The crisp sounds of a gleeful child crushing the fallen leaves as he traverses off the path. Donning my eyes from the 1,000 Ft ship, to the Aerial Lift Bridge, I listen. Attempting to decipher the code of long and short horn blows, as preparations for entrance to the harbor are made. Slipping on my blades, I return to the path, memories of past trips down this trail flooding my mind.

Events of the weekend still fresh in my mind as I return to the campus, the reminiscent joy of looking back on past fears and excitement. On Saturday night; Eric, Molly and I went on the “William H. Irving Ship of Ghouls”, (oh my heck!!) rationalization about these sorts of things is irrational, and borderline impossible. After boarding and deciding that this would probably be the biggest waste of money ever, I was practically red flagged. Not far into the vessel, I had lost all sense of rationale, fear had taken over. All senses alert and nerves feeling every change in temperature and air density. Lungs gasping for air as I abandoned this ship, fingers relaxing after they left the grip of Eric’s arm, leaving a negative of where they had been. Forcing my mind back into reality, and getting my heartrate back into a normal range…

Oct 13 2005

fall break

Fall break is officially fall break, fortunately enough I had a test at 8:30-9:30 this morning that ended my week with no later classes! So, I’m off to Duluth for the weekend to hang out with my cousins and grandparents, and get to eat food that is not mass produced!!