The End

The end of Homecoming arrived at 3:30 today… With the end of the Football game. A game that I still have little knowledge of its intricate workings. With a game that ended at 27-Bethel to 0- Hamline, I figured as much to know that we had “taken home” the victory. Even with the (what seemed useless) attempts at teaching me all that there is to know about the sport, I stood in the stand completely baffled about what the world was going on. Other than that Bethel wanted to get the ball to our side of the field. “I think I need a tutor!?” Because otherwise I will again stand through another game in a near daze, only cheering when my friends that knew what was going on did. I felt like a martian out on the bleachers today because I was probably the only one out there that was new to the spectating of this sport.