Residency Battle

Okay, so the intra-campus battle is over, and the competitions determining who goes home with the “Royal Cup” and who goes home empty handed are all done. Unfortunately Bodien was not the residence hall to carry the pride of the school home, but more the weight of the world on their shoulders. Beaten, distraught, and broken hearted, these men and women came home, after the results were announced. Only moments before these 165 teens sat giddily awaiting the results. Then they came, eagerness filled the room… East, Heritage, hearts sank instantaneously… Nelson, Bodien…. All words beyond this were mush and dull. Fourth place, it had seemed as though some one had just died, seeing the somber looks on their faces as they returned. All hopes of being the best were lost….

With only 13 hours until the big game against Hamline University, the rest of the campus is pumped, and finding every single can of blue paint, every Bethel t-shirt that they can find… Blue and Yellow, the theme of the day. Hamline must be beat. How? I have no clue, random movements on a field and a mass number of injuries to get a piece of leather to the other end of the grass… Anyone feel like explaining the point system???