Homecoming update

Homecoming week is already half over! It flew by so fast… Incredible. With 3 days filled with Bethel Homecoming Pride, and events to scoot. Monday was by far the most hilarious, and anticipated day so far, with only the big game to overcome it, in excitement levels. On Monday night at exactly 10pm, the student body piled into the RC Gym, not for any physical education reason, but for an event that does some serious strain on the vocal chords…. The Cheer Off. In total nine dorms, one outrageous group of “off kampis” peoples and one heck of a party. With groups having cheers that ranged from awkward to side-splitting, for example; Nelson – The Chocolate factory, West – The Pirates, Heritage – The Elderly. The list goes on. So, there we sat, for one hour in riotous laughter at the opposing halls uniqueness and relative humorous quotes. All groups crying in desperation to the dearest judges, all res councils praying that there cheer would go through without a hitch. Then the time came, the crowd was silent, all hoping that they could win the competition, knowing that it would enable them to stay in the lead for the majority of the week. Results…. Hearts pounding and throats aching, we sat 11-6 and still no mention of our hall, 5,4, and then it came, like a bullet to the heart, third. Behind Heritage, our lovely seniors…. And East taking the lead, sophomores… Them and their trees. We had beaten all of the freshman dorms along with the juniors. Could we keep this up?

Next came the tug-o-war, 28 games, mano-a-mano, 15 of our best to 15 of there’s. One problem, we really have no big strong guys… As long as we don’t come in last, that’s all we cared about, we will not allow ourselves to lose. Never. Loss. Loss. Loss. Last game, moment of truth…. Loss. 7th place, surprisingly it only switched us from 3rd to 4th, within an extremely close margin.

Finally, the beloved relay race, a competition that involved twenty different obstacles, including (but not limited too), the six-legged race, toilet paper unrolling, saltine chew, flour toss, etcetera, etcetera. Bodien had the best crowd of cheerleaders, encouraging them on towards their goal… the Royal Cup. These wonderful men and women, pressed onward with no regard to what was presented to them to do. They did outstanding, coming in second with only three seconds lag between us and our arch-rivals… East. This score placed us back into our original lineup with East, followed by Heritage, then Bodien, the underdog that will prevail.

With only a miniscule amount of points that separate us from first place, every move is critical, we still have 7 residence halls tailing us waiting for us to fail. The two most dangerous: Nelson (orange) and Lissner (pink). News flash, orange is not the new pink and neither will it be the new blue. With two critical events left, we can not afford to lose our pace nor our focus…