formula for thought

Katie + Nyquil = Sleep
Sleep – Classes = Health?

Interesting what a dose of Nyquil, and a Tylenol PM will do….

Ok, so I only had two classes today, Creativity in the Fine Arts (CIFA) and Freshman Seminar (Intro. to College Life, a joke, I KNOW) and a massive cold that kicked in around 2pm yesterday afternoon. One massive illness that has taken down half of my floor and working on more at the moment. You know the whole, I can barely breathe, sore throat, runny nose, blah blah blah, not fun. Considering I work in the Dining Center I thought that it would be a good idea to stay in… Before I layed down for bed last night I decided to take a personal health day and just sleep away this decrepit thing, took a dose of Nyquil and a Tylenol PM (because Nyquil has a reverse effect on my system…. it makes me hyper ;)). I guess it worked wonders on my sleeping capabilities, I woke up today at 3pm, that’s over 13 hours of straight sleep!!! God bless America, was it nice. Although this bugger of a cold decided that it didn’t want to go away.

This evening I went to Target to get some of my own meds so I didn’t have to “borrow” from other ill people on our floor, I nearly had to sign my life away to get Tylenol Cold & Sinus!! It’s an OTC for goodness sake! Apparently I could be a druggie to them, I don’t know but what is this world coming to??? Hmmm, that Meth can be made of anything so the FDA has to make OTC be behind the counter and you have to give the Pharmacy your Drivers license number, and sign a sheet that you will use the drugs for medical purposes only…