Jul 31 2005

One Mission

The ten of us just moments before pulling out of the Church parking lot in Salt Lake; on our way to Guaymas, Mexico. Those that journeyed along on our 20 hour drive are: Pastor and Mrs. Hammonds, Matt, Michael, Jimmy, Brian, Phill, Robbie, Amy, and Me.

Dia Uno:
Saturday – July 23rd 2005

After arriving at the Church at 6 am we began the [very, very long] travel from Salt Lake City toTucson, Arizona – 13 hours in a hot stuffy van. With the boys attempt to pull a Napoleon [Dynamite] by stringing gummy bears to twine and tossing them out the window… Then apparently, trying to eat them.

This activity kept them entertained for over 4 hours, all four of them being filled with contests to see who’s gummy bears could last longer in the elements of humidity and rain. After arriving in Tucson, and devouring a delightful bar-b-que. We all attempted to sleep in preparation for the next day as we headed off to Mexico.

Di?a Dos:
Sunday – July 24th 2005

After waking up early once again we packed up into the fifteen passenger van, along with one more passenger, Ryan (who would be an additional translator), and head for the border. Crossing the border into Mexico [4 hours after our departure from Tucson] took only 10 minutes, although it took nearly 45 minutes to get our driving permit for the vehiclele. Once into Mexico we traveled down to Hermsillo, where we met up with Joe and Cassie Mason, from Partners in Christ International, the 13 of us then headed down to Guaymas where we would be working with the “Templo Christiano Bautista Emmaneul”. We arrived at the Church not long before their evening service was about to start, at this service Michael and I gave our testimonies, along with the help of our translators, it was so nerve raking because I had never given my testimony in front of such a large group. After the service we were

blessed with a delicious meal of Carne Asada, and ice cold soda following the delicious meal we headed off to our host homes and crashed almost instantaneously for the night. (Amy, Paula, Me and Ben; inside our host home in Guaymas.)

Di?a Tres:
Monday – July 25th 2005

After enjoying a delightful breakfast at our host home we headed over to the church and began our service project. Igelsia Bautista was in dire need of a good scrapping off of all its old & chipping paint and a nice new coat of fresh paint. The work was strenuous and the humidity was excrusating, but we labored on from 9 am until 2 pm just scrapping paint of of the outside walls.
During which we took a break to open a Birthday gift for me from my parents back home. After breaking to take showers and eat we rested until Vacation Bible School (VBS) started. We had a much lower turnout than he had expected and ended up with only 53 children total. We thankfully didnt have to teach the lesson with the minscule spanish that we were actually able to speak; although we did a craft with them and helped with crowd control. The craft for tonight was making pinwheels out of paper and straws, it was really fun because most of the children didn’t understand how to use them once they were made, so amy and I volunteered to demonstrate there use. After that we felt like passing out from our dizzyness.
My super sense of spydom failled me today because I was supersieded when a party had been planned for me without my own knowledge. I was soon to be confronted by a 4 foot tall Spongebob pinata filled with lots of Mexican candy including my favorite candy…. Chupettas. Followed by a delicious cake and 10 children singing “Feliz Compelionos.”

Dia Cuatro:
Tuesday – July 26th 2005

Another day filled with scrapping the Church walls along with painting the inner courtyard. At VBS the kids would NOT be quiet, but they were so cute when they were doing there craft, they were very proud of their creations and were extermely excited to show of their visors, some of which were so full of the stikers that they were overlapping others.

Di?a Cinco:
Wednesday – July 27th 2005

Another day filled with scrapping the Churches walls along with painting the upper level of the Church. VBS was great, although the language barrier seems as though it is getting worse, the kids keep trying to talk to me really fast in spanish and I had to just guess Si or No, it was a 50 – 50 chance of being right. During VBS we made Puppets with the kids and had puppet shows in random spanish sayings and themes from the lessons of the day.

Di?a Seises:
Thursday – July 28th 2005

During our work day today we noticed that the Crystal Light packets had been appearing on the ground all over the area that we had been working, after scolding the boys for not cleaning up after themselves; we saw a few of the young mexican girls turned the corner with red hands and bright red tongues. Just a bit of Lost in Translation; would’t you say? After working from 9 – 11 am we ended our last day of work projects and headed for the beach. We were able to get entrance to a gated community’s beach access At the beach we climbed up a 12 foot rock/coral boulder and used it as a diving board, praying that no one would leave becoming Jonnie Erickson Todda. We had purchased enough coconuts that each of us were able to have our own, mmmm good! Man, I love coconuts! This was our last night of VBS and our last night in Mexico, I was a solemn night and everybody in the group had the same feeling…”We can’t leave tomorrow, our work here has just begun.” We were not the only ones with tears in our eyes as we left the church that night, we were surrounded by the kids from VBS begging us not to leave. Sleeping didn’t come easily tonight, tears flowed faster than sleep had came.

Di?a Siete:
Friday – July 29th 2005

Sitting at breakfast this morning it started to rain, no not rain downpour, our host told us that God was telling us that we were supposed to stay for another week. Only moments after it started to rain, the road that we walked across the night before was compeletly washed away. Once the rest of the group noticed that we were not at the church and that we had walked to the church everyday, they decided to come to our rescue. After the guys came and caried our bags down and through the river, it was our turn to walk through the two feet of water that smelt like it came straight from a sewer. Once we were all packed up into the van the 11 of us headed out towards Hermsillo where we would drop off some equipment at the Partners in Christ International Office. Then off to Magdalena to do some tourist shopping before we crossed the border back into America.

Getting back into America took forever, especially because we had a full tralier that we were towing, and each of us had a backpack as well. After getting past the the border we headed straight for Tuscon and eat the best food ever seen … Pizza. Following dinner we went for a swim, man clean water that is at a ready access is such a blessing!

Di?a Ocho:
Saturday – July 30th 2005

Another, and thankfully the last early morning, we were on the road by 8 am and would be on the road for another 13 hours. Most of us had extreme sleepiness over the course of the ride and were out cold for a majority of the trip. And I was included in this group of sleepy-eyed travelers, I fell asleep almost immeadiatly out of the Phoniex area, of which I fell asleep on Phill’s right leg four almost 5 hours, nearly cutting off all circulation to his legs and feet. Although Phill was awake for the whole time that I was asleep he never once woke me up to make me move. Nice guy huh? Finally we ended up back at the Church in Salt Lake at 10:30 pm.

Jul 23 2005

It all begins at . . . the end

Batman Begins

Director: Christopher Nolan
Starring: Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Katie Holmes, and Cillian Murphy
Rated: PG-13
Running Time: 141 minutes

Finally in the fifth Batman movie, we are told how Bruce becomes the bat-man. The movie exposes the history of how Bruce gets to the point in his life that he becomes the man behind the mask.

As a boy Bruce (Bale) suffers the traumatic event of seeing his parents be murdered right before his eyes, this event leads the young boy to be obsessed with getting revenge on the man that did this to him. At the parole trial for the man who did this dastardly dead, Bruce takes justice into his own hands and takes this mans life instead of allowing justice to roll its course.

After doing his own form of “justice”, he goes into hiding in the East where he under goes a transformation into the life of a criminal living in the underworld of crime. After meeting up with the head of a dangerous cult of ninja warriors, who try to brainwash him to believe that the only true form of justice is to kill all those that fight against it. So pretty much, if you steal you die, if you murder you die… So just be good or you’ll have them to deal with. Once Bruce realizes there lies and deception, he leaves to go back to the town he once called home, a town that is now over run with crime and corruption. In view of this he takes to action to defeat the drug lords that rule the streets.

With the help of a intuitive detective, Jim Gordon, and the resources of the billionare, business owner that he is, he becomes someone more than just a man, something unbreakable – a symbol. Batman. He uses his childhood fear to put fear into the lives of those that prey on the weak and poor. Using his new alias, he sets out to take down the lords that rule the streets and the mysterious group that they all work for, a party that knows Bruce better than he could possibly understand.

Over all this “(pre-) sequel” is one of my favorites of the Batman series. I would rate it a nine out of ten, and recommend seeing it to all that want to see a good movie. I have already seen it 3 times and it gets better each time!

Jul 16 2005

My new toy

This is a picture of my newest toy, HP Pavilion zv6000.

Not much else to report on, most of my time over the last month has been spent as a Bible Camp Counselor out at Pioneer Bible Camp in Eden, UT. I have my first week off counseling and will be heading out on a Mission Trip to Guaymas Mexico, next weekend. Which means that I will be Spending my 18th Birthday away from my family, and out of the country. After my return to the states, I have one more week of Camp left then I am on my way out to Minnesota where I will be moving into my dorm out at Bethel University in St. Paul.

Jul 3 2005

My so hot (right now) list

1. Batman Begins
2. Caffeinated Beverages (i.e. Mt Dew)
3. Real Showers
4. Live 8
5. Napoleon Dynamite
6. Nalgene Water Bottles
7. Nikon Cameras
8. Parmesan Flavored Cheez It’s
9. Christian Bale
10. Sleep!