The Monday after graduation the whole thirteen of us, Kiehn’s, Denney’s, and Breen’s, packed up and headed out for yellowstone national park. Securely belted in a van, a minivan, and a little Chevy prizm we headed out on our jolly good way, a ride that would take us six hours to complete.

Once we arrived in the Park, we decided the first place to visit would have to be the most popular site, Old faithful. Which, still after all of the years blows punctually, every 45 minutes. We traveled through most of the popular sites like the Minerva Terrace, The Dragon’s cauldrons, Tower Falls, Mammoth Hot Springs, and many more.

The trip was sprinkled with exciting adventures; like falling of a log into a 50* lake, weather ranging from high 70’s too low 30’s and 40’s with snow, and bison the decide that the road is their territory. Even with the freezing temperatures the trip was amazing and it was great to see the sites that I hadn’t seen since I was 6.

There are pictures of the trip posted here.