Utah Arts Festival

The Utah Arts Festival combines a multitude of performing, visual, and literary arts, to present the best of artists in Utah and those Worldwide. Bringing together artists from all walks of life and all forms of canvas’s use to portray their work, from those that used glass, oil, clay, iron, celluloid, and the side of a building as a stage.

From those that molded metal to conform into any of their desires, like a 4 tiered fountain and 6 foot high bistro sets, flowers and vases, and a 5 foot long wrench along with matching bolts and screws, or even as eccentric as a full skeleton weighing approximately 150 lbs.

Some went down a simpler path as to their art work, by choosing to engrave thoughts and famous sayings into clay. A much easier (and cheaper for my pocket book) way to produce their art. A few of the ones that I appreciated most were, “Every time I hear the dirty word Exercise I wash my mouth out with Chocolate”, & “Before you criticize some one walk a mile in their shoes. That way when you criticize them. You’ll be a mile away, and you’ll have their shoes.”

The “Fear No Film Festival” (FNFF), is a festival promoting various sorts of “short and sweet” films; featuring 57 short films and videos from local, national, and international artists. FNFF incorporates works of all genres including animation, narrative, experimental, documentary, music video, and dance films. FNFF’s goals are first to enthuse, confuse, stir, and inspire its audiences through the exposure to underground and innovative short films that are rarely seen. FNFF aims to encourage the public to absorb new film experiences that dare to extend beyond the mainstream definition of cinematic entertainment. Second, FNFF wants to cultivate notable short film festival, with a flair for the inventive that functions as a resourceful filmmaker’?s forum and marketplace.

My Favorite film wouldefinitelyly have to be Non-Abductees Anonymous (Narrative) 4:15 (North Carolina, 2004, by: Philip Powell) The goings-on at a support group for people who have NEVER been abducted by aliens. Forlorn and rejected, they go to extremes trying to get the attention of those snobby extraterrestrials.

Project Bandaloop

Five of the Project Bandaloop dancers suspended from the glass wall of the downtown library in SLC, UT.While many groups chose to represent there art work by framing it or molding it out of iron rebar, Project Bandaloop makes a statement in a whole new spectrum. By suspending themselves from the sides of buildings and cliffs, and performing spectacular dance routines. This week the group chose to strap on there old jazz thongs (dance shoes) and harness themselves over the glass wall on the Salt Lake City Downtown Library, performing for nearly an hour these ladies strutted all their stuff along side the wall of the library. Combining climbing, rappelling, gymnastics, and dance into one exquisitely choreographed dance. Surrounded by on-lookers from both outside and in this group glided across the glass with ease with choreography that draws on aerial, vertical and horizontal movement to craft dances. This gravity defying group, defys all fears and works its way into the number one spot on my favorite things at the festival. They perform everynight at 6 pm, and on Saturday and Sunday at 10:30pm.

The festival runs until Sunday June 26th from 12pm to 12am, the cost of admission is $4 before 3pm and $7 after three. I would recommend going as early as possible not only as to knock down the price but to be able to see all of the booths, film, comedy clubs, and musical performances.