Bryce Canyon

This Tuesday my brother (Tom a.k.a. Digenis) journeyed out on what was supposed to be a three hour drive to the beautiful Bryce canyon. After a 100 mile canyon detour due to construction, we finally arrived at the national park.

We started out the trip by taking a eight mile hike around the Fairyland Loop, a very strenuous trail that changes elevation about every 50 meters. The views throughout the loop were exquisite due to the constant elevatory variations totaling a whopping 704 meters (2309 feet). Being able to be at one minute above the hodoos then not even ten minutes later, walking a good 50 meters below the point that you were just at; staring up at the towering pillars. After taking numerous stops to climb some rock faces and a good 512mb memory stick full of pictures we finished our hike a good 4 hours later. We ate dinner in the car over looking Bryce Point and watched the sunset over the Canyon.

After returning to our campsite, and crashing into the sleeping bags almost immediately; we slept for a good 11 hours before returning to our next hike. We were still a bit worn out from the previous days hike, our dear muscles ached from lack of strenuous work previous to this point, so we decide that just doing one hike would be a good idea. We agreed on the Peek-A-Boo Loop; a 5.5 mile hike, also with the extreme elevation changes like the day before. Unfortunate for us, we were to late to notice that the loop was also used as a horseback trail, so we got to walk the 3 1/2 hour hike with the scent of horse feces filling our nostrils.

Bryce Canyon has a good 20 more trails that we did not have time to do unfortunately, due to Tom’s flight back home was for Friday morning. Bryce Canyon National Park is one of my favorite National Parks, with Zion gliding ahead by a slim majority. I recommend Bryce to any National Park enthusiast and/or photographer, and tell you bring a very large memory stick.

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