keeping up appearances

As a friend (Kines) pointed out this past week, that all places may have their superstars, but they also have their exiled. Not only is it with Paris, but indeed it is true with Utah as well. I’m sure that most people reading this have heard of the phrase “Utah – land of the greatest snow on Earth,” it is indeed the most annoying and commonly uttered phrase about the state other than “the home of the Mormons.”

Each winter thousands of people flock like geese to these Mountains to take part in a few runs over “the greatest snow on Earth” for a hundred dollars a day. This state is not all roses. But even though we quite possibly have the “best” snow, and the largest (and supposedly most beautiful) Mormon Tabernacle in the world. This state has a few downsides including (but not limited to), the highest bankruptcy filings in the nation, the state with the 3rd highest births per capita, and rates among the highest in the nation for people on anti-depressants and suicides.

Now I know, not all that glitters is gold, but all those that are a little less than perfect, should not get swept under the rug. Every place has its flaws but hiding them and pretending that they don’t exist just worsens the problem. Naively people flock here in droves believing that this is the “real” Zion, that because of its acclamation from its two most prestigious items, that it is immune from having any flaws and imperfections.

Now Utah is not the only place that is like this, Oh no; never believe that for one minute. As one friend stated, that Paris is the same way, so many people lay to believe that Paris is the most beautiful place because of it acclamation due to Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the Versailles castle, the Champs Elysees, it also has its own “Red District” and its streets are covered it feces of animals, because of irresponsible owners.

Every place has its flaws, yet no one seems to ever notice them until they live in that city. The thing that we all need to realize is that even the “prettiest” places in the world have the normality of every other places, and the slime and grundge as everywhere else.