Class of 2005 Trip

As of 12 pm MCT tonight I will be on a plane on my way to Florida, along with the 9 other students of the ICS Class of 2005. Our trip is composed of 5 cities all across the state. Starting in Boca Raton, we are doing a Beach Restoration project with the United Way, and watching the Marlins vs. Mets game on Wednesday night. From there we travel down to the Everglades for a fan boat tour of “The” swamp (Cyprus), and the ritual eating of gator (*tears*). Following the ‘Glades we head down to Key West for a 10 hour catamaran snorkeling tour of the Dry Tortugas. On the night of the 23rd we are going to Disneyworld’s Grad Night. A night devoted specifically for the Class of 2005, where we along with a couple thousand other Seniors from across the country can enjoy the experience of Disney without the annoyance of young children, and enjoy a few extras; like clubs (alcohol free, of course) filled with soap bubbles, and a concert by Yellowcard and Ryan Cabrerra. From there we head over to Cocoa Beach for a day of relaxation and a tour of the Kennedy Space Center, before our flight home on Monday night.

The trip is going to be awesome, just please be praying for the safety of all who are going. And that we all are able to be a bit more patient with each other than we are now. So this is the cause for the next week long silence of the blog, see ya in a week!