Apr 30 2005

keeping up appearances

As a friend (Kines) pointed out this past week, that all places may have their superstars, but they also have their exiled. Not only is it with Paris, but indeed it is true with Utah as well. I’m sure that most people reading this have heard of the phrase “Utah – land of the greatest snow on Earth,” it is indeed the most annoying and commonly uttered phrase about the state other than “the home of the Mormons.”

Each winter thousands of people flock like geese to these Mountains to take part in a few runs over “the greatest snow on Earth” for a hundred dollars a day. This state is not all roses. But even though we quite possibly have the “best” snow, and the largest (and supposedly most beautiful) Mormon Tabernacle in the world. This state has a few downsides including (but not limited to), the highest bankruptcy filings in the nation, the state with the 3rd highest births per capita, and rates among the highest in the nation for people on anti-depressants and suicides.

Now I know, not all that glitters is gold, but all those that are a little less than perfect, should not get swept under the rug. Every place has its flaws but hiding them and pretending that they don’t exist just worsens the problem. Naively people flock here in droves believing that this is the “real” Zion, that because of its acclamation from its two most prestigious items, that it is immune from having any flaws and imperfections.

Now Utah is not the only place that is like this, Oh no; never believe that for one minute. As one friend stated, that Paris is the same way, so many people lay to believe that Paris is the most beautiful place because of it acclamation due to Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the Versailles castle, the Champs Elysees, it also has its own “Red District” and its streets are covered it feces of animals, because of irresponsible owners.

Every place has its flaws, yet no one seems to ever notice them until they live in that city. The thing that we all need to realize is that even the “prettiest” places in the world have the normality of every other places, and the slime and grundge as everywhere else.

Apr 26 2005

back in town

I am back in town as of 7:36 pm last night, the trip was amazing, it felt way short though. Pictures will be up in the next few days. My favorite part would be either Fort Jefferson or the Yellowcard concert, I can’t decide whether my history geekiness should over-rule my wanna be a rock star side. Grad Nite was kind of pathetic because most of the rides were closed and it was the Magic Kingdom, so they didn’t have many “big kid” rides anyway. The Hostel that we stayed at in the Everglades was the nicest Hostel that I have ever seen and it was really cool. Well that’s it for now, I have a quarter of French to do before May 1st so I better get going on it, I’ll check in later and elaborate more, au revoir!

Apr 18 2005

movie quote monday

Hank: [upon being asked to get out of the car] They’re having a top 100 countdown and I want to hear number 1.
Lee: What number are they up to?
Hank: 86!
– Leonardo DiCaprio as Hank and Meryl Streep as Lee in Marvins Room

Apr 18 2005

Class of 2005 Trip

As of 12 pm MCT tonight I will be on a plane on my way to Florida, along with the 9 other students of the ICS Class of 2005. Our trip is composed of 5 cities all across the state. Starting in Boca Raton, we are doing a Beach Restoration project with the United Way, and watching the Marlins vs. Mets game on Wednesday night. From there we travel down to the Everglades for a fan boat tour of “The” swamp (Cyprus), and the ritual eating of gator (*tears*). Following the ‘Glades we head down to Key West for a 10 hour catamaran snorkeling tour of the Dry Tortugas. On the night of the 23rd we are going to Disneyworld’s Grad Night. A night devoted specifically for the Class of 2005, where we along with a couple thousand other Seniors from across the country can enjoy the experience of Disney without the annoyance of young children, and enjoy a few extras; like clubs (alcohol free, of course) filled with soap bubbles, and a concert by Yellowcard and Ryan Cabrerra. From there we head over to Cocoa Beach for a day of relaxation and a tour of the Kennedy Space Center, before our flight home on Monday night.

The trip is going to be awesome, just please be praying for the safety of all who are going. And that we all are able to be a bit more patient with each other than we are now. So this is the cause for the next week long silence of the blog, see ya in a week!

Apr 11 2005

movie quote monday

Donkey: You’re supposed to say “You have the right to remain silent!”. No one said I have the right to remain silent!
Shrek: Donkey, you HAVE the right to remain silent. What you lack, is the capacity.
– Mike Myers (Shrek) and Eddie Murphy (Donkey) in Shrek2