saving terri?

With the recent controversy over the Terri Schiavo suit, I thought that I would spread a little bit of my two cents on this case.According to Pia, has Terri has been placed on morphine, not because she?s feeling pain-if she is its vestige?but I truly doubt that she?s feeling any. She?s on morphine to make her parents and siblings feel better, and I?m for anything that will help them get through this. Where she is also being given ice chips and her lips and mouth are constantly being moistened. If she can feel this will make her comfortable.

Terri’s Condition

Doctors that Michael Schiavo hired have said she is in a persistent vegetative state. That does not mean she is brain dead. People in a persistent vegetative state cannot think, speak or respond to commands and are not aware of their surroundings. They may have noncognitive functions and breathing and circulation may remain relatively intact. Terry Schiavo breathes on her own and blinks.

In this case, Terri is already dead, she is only alive in the physical sense, whereas emotionally, and psychologically she died fifteen years ago. Honestly I don?t know what Terri Schiavo wanted, no one does. But fifteen years is too long to live in a state of suspended life?life with only a brain stem working is no life at all.

Personally, I don?t know exactly where I stand on this issue, for to much of the “evidence” that has been presented has been clouded and muddled so that the truth has been blurred to mean what people want it to mean. And I personally do not like to take a stand for a specific side on an issue that I do not have the proper amount of evidence to support each side?s ideas; but here I am at an impasse. I do not believe fully that either way was the correct path to take, I believe that there is a third choice that could have been made in this case but no one wanted to see it. (*I know I am being severely vague here*)

If I was in her condition I would not want to live, yet I would not want to die this way either, whether or not she can feel pain from the dehydration and starvation. Thankfully I have not had to go through any of the pain that her family is going through right now, but I really just want her to be at peace.

For those who base your belief off of medical standards;
If the 97% of doctors are correct and she is really just a vegetable that has absolutely no chance of any cognitive repair. Then Terri is merely existing for her family?s comfort. And for there belief in modern day miracles based on empty dreams.

But if the 3% of doctors are correct that say that she is capable of cognitive regeneration and that she actually can feel, and is aware of the world around her. But is just incapable of expressing it in any outward motor function. I would want to die; being trapped within a prison of my own body, is no way to live.

For those who base your belief off of religious standards;
First, if you believe that good Christians go to heaven upon death to join God and the angels, then why are you fighting Terri so hard against Terri’s journey there? If it’s such a great place, why are you fighting tooth and nail to keep Terri in her corporeal form down here on earth where she has slim to no chance of actually developing brain function? All I know is if there’s a real choice between heaven and being imprisoned in an ethereal form over which one barely has control, I would choose heaven. And I would sure as heck resent anyone who grabbed my arm and held me back from running there as fast as I could.

Second, if you argue that keeping Terri alive is The Will of God, have you stopped to consider who caused the heart attack that put Terri in this position to begin with? Perhaps God was trying to take her back into His fold, and now our mortal feeding tube is what’s actually thwarting God’s plan. Since none of can ever actually speak to God to determine His intentions, we’re all just guessing here. So how can you be so freaking sure that you aren’t the one thwarting God’s intentions? Who’s the one “playing God” now?

And, I know that I just contradicted myself multiple times in here, but I seriously think that this is a purely conditional case, depending on whether she is at all cognizant or not, is what is the table turner for me. I just wish that there was another way that this could be done. And I really, truly wish that she passes soon, to help this all end, and let her truly be at peace. The sooner that she dies the sooner that this masquerade of protesters for both sides will diminish, and her family will be a little more at peace.
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