Resolutions, Smezsolutions…..

Ok, so at the beginning of the year I wrote up some resolutions but so far not very many… ok pretty much only one has any effect, and a partial one at that… The “giving up” Mt. Dew thing is not going that hot cause I have gone to considering Sunday to be my day off from the “program.” It’s complicated, but I’m as you could say “muddling through” I have gone from drinking multiple cans of it on a daily basis down to only indulging into the intense favor and sensation of the fluid. The rest are all slightly better than before, the homework is only getting harder though. The Devotional time has sadly still not been a routine thing, but is a growing want for me to spend time in it. The exercise thing is slowly growing it’s gone up to having 2-4 times a week instead of the 0-2 times, which is good, but I really want to gain the muscle back that I have apatheticaly lost over the last 6 months.